Our drivers are experienced, always perfectly groomed professionals, who are equally passionate about driving as they are about ensuring passengers comfort.

Their profession places relatively high expectations and requires them to be in the best mental and physical state. As such, we have similarly high expectations when selecting our drivers. Our drivers are fluent in English and are always willing to go out of their way to ensure those aboard have a pleasant experience.


A creative concept that perfectly reflects your brand identity is an investment. Take advantage of partial or full vehicle branding in the form of stickers that will ensure brand visibility (e.g. logo or event promotion). Please feel free to reach out with any creative thoughts, as we are determined to accommodate your specific needs and budgetary restrictions to make sure your marketing expenses are justified.


Our hight standards will guarantee you a unique driving experience. We honor the specific model segmentation of our fleet.

By using a unified fleet, we achieve visual uniformity and flexibility of the service we provide